COLUMBUS, Oh. (WFLA) – After a freezing-cold holiday weekend, many places across the country are dealing with bursting pipes, including the Ohio Statehouse.

On Tuesday, a fire suppression system pipe in the Statehouse froze and burst, sending water pouring into the State floor.

A video shared on Twitter by Sen. Jay Hottinger showed water flooding the Senate chamber and a nearby senators’ lounge. Water could also be seen pouring out of the pipe and falling into a small, overflowing bucket.

“My last day at the Statehouse not going very well,” Hottinger tweeted alongside the video. He is a Republican representing the state’s 31st district.

Tuesday, was his last day at the Statehouse as he is retiring after nearly 30 years in the Ohio General Assembly.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Hottinger said that water also streamed down stairs and pooled outside Gov. Mike DeWine’s ceremonial office before the flow was shut off.