TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)– A Tampa Bay area man is being called a hero for his quick reaction that wound up saving the lives of dozens of tiny ducklings who happened to fall from a very steep ledge at Busch Gardens as he was walking by.

Channing Deren was with her significant other, Eric Pelno, at Busch Gardens on Saturday. She and Eric were walking around in the theme park when something hit her shoulder. It turned out to be a little duckling that had fallen from a ledge about 30 feet up.

Eric looked up and saw other ducklings falling off the ledge. He sprang into action to save the plunging ducklings and Channing started recording video of the dramatic rescue with her cell phone.

Channing later posted the video to her Facebook page along with an explanation of what happened.

“Eric is today’s HERO! There were 15-20 baby ducklings literally falling from a nest at least 30 ft high as we walked by. At first one hit my shoulder and we didn’t know what was going on… then Eric just went into beast mode and started catching ducklings from the sky! They all joined up with mama duck after this and one has a broken leg… but ALL DUCKLINGS WERE SAFE!!! SO PROUD OF THESE TWO FOR SAVING THE DUCK POPULATION!!!!” wrote Channing in the Facebook post.

Eric also explained what happened from his perspective.

“I was doing ok until they started jumping 2 at a time haha. Those were some brave little ducks standing up there at least 30 feet in the air debating whether or not to jump down to their mom. The first one came out of nowhere and hit Channing then the ground and messed up its foot. Then it was one after another kamikaze ducks haha pretty crazy,” said Eric in a Facebook post.SEE MORE TOP CLICKED STORIES: