TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A crowd of people was watching. Even a police officer was trying to figure out what to do to save the kitten, who was on the Kennedy Street Bridge near Tampa’s popular Riverwalk.

Amy Norton happened to be pedaling a water bike on the river. She pedaled her water bike up just in time, as the cat splashed off a bridge and into the water.

Reporter question: “You didn’t even think about it, you just jumped?

“Yes. Ungracefully, as well,” said Norton, who jumped from her water bike into the water to rescue the kitten.

Norton was in town from Michigan. She was on the water bike when she heard the cat meowing earlier in the day and someone on the Riverwalk told her they had called for help.

She pedaled away, but something told her to go back.

“I would of,  just felt so guilty. I don’t know how anyone else would of gotten down there in time to get the cat out.”

Norton said the kitten was very afraid and after she rescued the kitten, it plunged into the water a second time.

“Putting it on the bike wasn’t successful. So, I tried to reach the people on the Riverwalk.”

They were too far away, so then Norton and the kitten were stuck in the water.

“Treading water for that short amount of time was like, ‘Whew this is exhausting.’ There were a bunch of people on a boat and they backed up to me, told me to just stay there, that they would come to me.”

In that boat, would be the kitten’s new owner. As the story goes, the kitten’s new dad named him Lucky.

“They chose lucky because the cat was very lucky,” said Norton.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: