ASPEN, Colo. (WFLA) — A Colorado security guard had a close call after he was knocked to the ground by a bear that somehow got into a resort’s kitchen.

Security video from the St. Regis Aspen Resort showed the male black bear wandering around the kitchen on Oct. 23.

Shortly after, the bear re-entered the frame — backtracking across the kitchen as a security guard followed, appearing to speak to someone on a walkie-talkie.

Just as the guard was about to walk off-frame, the bear appeared seemingly from around a corner and knocked the man down, hitting him with its paws.

“Using the footage provided by the hotel, we were able to confirm the aggressive behavior of the bear and identify unique physical characteristics of the bear that assisted in the proper identification of the offending bear,” said Area Wildlife Manager Matt Yamashita of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The bear was found two days later on Oct. 25. Officers euthanized the animal due to its aggressive behavior.