TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — As Valentine’s Day approaches News Channel 8 is helping you celebrate. We all like to think our relationships are unique; our bonds might have a lot more in common than we realize. According to University of Tampa Assistant Professor, Dr. Scott Husband, there’s a lot of science behind love — or at least attraction.

“There is some research that we tend to want to be with people who have the same eye and hair color as our parents,” Husband said. “Sense of smell also plays a big role and facial attractiveness.”

According to Husband, when we first start falling for someone it triggers Dopamine, which is associated with addiction. As time goes on, the oxytocin takes over. Oxytocin represents a deeper bond.

“A lot of people make the mistake that when the initial intense feeling is over is that maybe I’m with the wrong person,” Husband said. “It’s really just a different phase.”

Another interesting part of relationship research is the study of why we think people are good on paper, but then don’t have a connection with them in person.

Terreh Mello, mother of two, and wife for six years, is just happy she found her someone.

“We were in a choir together. We just started as friends talking and hanging out and then fell in love,” Mello said. “Now we do everything together. We even work together. I don’t think much has changed in our relationship.”