(CNN) – A new class offered to students at the University of Kansas charts the rise of anger in white men “in America and Britain since the 1950s.”

KMBC reports Humanities 365 explores the deeper sources and manifestations of this emotional state and is supposed to examine how “dominant and subordinate masculinity’s” connect to modern “rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals.”

Its prerequisite is “women, gender, and sexuality studies.”

“It is a legitimate class. I feel like the title of it is just there to be in your face about everything,” said sophomore Nicole Tarpein. 

Congressman Ron Estes of (R-Wichita) dislikes the topic.

“Instead of a course to unite people and empower women, KU has decided to offer a class that divides the student population and could pose a title ix violation by creating a hostile campus environment based on gender,” he said. 

Others, however, say the discussion will be beneficial. 

“There’s definitely some value into looking into things from–for history at least– from an intersectionalist view,” said junior John Koenig.

“Creating dialogue which is something that we need to have. Dialogue is important. Dialogue needs to be had,” said junior Rianon Wallace-Demby.