TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Even though Thanksgiving is a month away, people are already having trouble finding turkeys.

It’s an issue impacting a lot of local businesses, from farmers to grocery stores, and even local delis, turkeys are becoming tougher to find, and more pricey.

At Trailbale Farm in Temple Terrace, owner Trevor Malloy said he is seeing more demand for turkeys.

“People are reaching out more than usual looking for turkeys,” said Malloy.

With the rising cost of feed, Malloy said he has been forced to raise his prices by 25%.

The small family farm which raises organic turkeys is already sold out for Thanksgiving.

“We raise up what we think will be able to sell and the regulars snatch them up pretty quick,” said Malloy.

At Schiller’s German Delicatessen in south Tampa, manager Eben Trunk said he has seen the cost of turkey more than double in the last few months, and it’s been a struggle to keep the lunchmeat in stock for their sandwiches.

“It’s really hard to get, pretty much for the past couple months, maybe three months or so, we haven’t been able to get any. It’s like even when you do find some from the local suppliers we were paying twice as much as we were usually paying,” said Trunk.

Experts say there are a lot of factors contributing to a turkey shortage.

According to the USDA, the bird flu has killed 5.4 million turkeys this year.

Ongoing supply chain issues and rising costs on most items are also factors.

At Schiller’s, turkey is one of the most popular sandwich ingredients. After struggling for months, they lucked out and just received a large order.

“I figured with Thanksgiving coming up it’s going to be hard to get, so we were happy to get something but it was considerably more than what we usually pay,” said Trunk, who worries the shortage will only get worse, ahead of Thanksgiving.

“There’s going to be less and less turkeys and with the demand around Thanksgiving. I figure it’s definitely going to get more expensive and harder to find.”

Experts are warning consumers to expect to pay 25% to 100% more for a turkey this Thanksgiving. They’re urging consumers to buy their turkey early this year and freeze it.