DALLAS, Texas (WFLA) – The Transportation Security Administration has recently come under fire after video of a teenage boy being patted down was posted online.

Jennifer Williamson posted the video of her son Aaron being patted down by an agent at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport last weekend.

Williams says she asked the TSA agent to use an alternative screening process because her son suffers from sensory processing disorder. SPD can cause anxiety in children when they are touched.

According to Williamson, the agent aggressively patted her son down anyways.

The TSA recently intensified screening procedures, and said the pat down was done by the book.

In a statement, the agency said the teenager’s laptop set off an alarm and all procedures were followed to resolve the issue. But according to Williamson, her son did not set off alarms and got through the detector just fine.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-