ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (WFLA) – Triple 7 is a record-breaking, adrenaline-fueled adventure to raise 1,400 life-changing scholarships in support of the families of fallen and disabled service members and first responders.

The nine former U.S. and Canadian military service members broke three world records. Starting their jump journey on January 9th in Antarctica and completing the 7th jump in Australia.

On Wednesday, the nine men will complete a celebratory jump at Sky Dive City in Zephyrhills to honor the 13 service members who died in Kabul Afghanistan during the American’s withdrawal in August of 2021.

“We wanted to use it as a platform to go in line with the legacy expeditions to never forget and forever honor and tell the story of our fallen brothers and continue that legacy, so their story doesn’t die,” said Mike Sarraille who’s a part of the expedition team.

Since starting the clock in Antarctica, the men have jumped into seven continents:

  • In six days and six hours
  • Took 16 flights (including connecting flights)
  • Went over 100 hours of travel time
  • Went over 80.5 hours of flight time (travel time includes waits at the airport)
  • 456 hours away from family

The celebratory jump is scheduled for 11:00 am and News Channel 8 will speak with some of the jumpers right before they take their final dive.

Folks can donate to the scholarship fund here.