DADE CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A 19-year-old in Pasco County is facing trespassing charges after deputies say he entered a home that he claimed was his.

Timothy Brazell is accused of going into the home on Washington Street in Dade City around 8:30 Saturday morning. Brazell used an unlocked door to get inside the house and told a blind man inside he was looking for his keys.

Deputies say he then told the man that he wanted to take his shoes off and relax. Instead, Brazell stood in place and possibly even dozed off while standing up.

When the blind man called out to the homeowner who was in another room, Brazell walked outside and got into a car parked in the yard.

According to deputies, the car does not work and Brazell got stuck inside because the doors can only open from the outside. When deputies arrived, they found him locked inside the car, trying to start it with a voltage meter. The key was in the car at the time.

Brazell told deputies he had been using methamphetamine and had not slept for two days, but kept saying he lived at the home and the car was his.

Everyone in the home said they had never seen Brazell before. Deputies also say Brazell doesn’t have any cars registered to his name.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing.STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON –