TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Have you ever noticed a vehicle with spikes on the wheel and wondered – what’s the point, and are they dangerous? 

News Channel 8 viewer Bev says she’s been curious about the spikes for years. She says her husband was riding in a car that was shredded by the spikes, after coming in close contact with a semi in a tight toll lane. While not the norm, it’s not impossible, as a quick online search reveals.

The “spikes” are plastic, rubber or metal lug nut covers that anyone can buy. They’re generally used to pimp people’s rides, although some career truckers say they’re used as decorative caps to prevent rust on their rigs.

A few trucking companies ban the spikes out of concerns they’re distracting and intimidating to other drivers.

Hawaii is the only state that bans the lug nut spikes if they stick out more than four inches from the widest part of the vehicle. They’re legal in Florida, but it’s important to point out that no vehicle, including anything attached to or carried by it, can exceed 102 inches in width, per the state’s Uniform Traffic Control statutes.

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