TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – 8 On Your Side is getting results for drivers in the Town ‘n’ Country area of Tampa. The Florida Department of Transportation is making changes to the intersection of Hillsborough Avenue at the Veterans Expressway after a WFLA viewer contacted me with her Road Rants concern.

Karen emailed me to ask why there are solid red arrows in the right turn lanes from eastbound Hillsborough to the southbound Veterans (Eisenhower Boulevard).

Karen said:

You don’t know how many people have road rage over this light. People stop and don’t go. People stop and then make a right. Horns are being honked at the people that stop and won’t go. So, you end up sitting there forever until the light turns green. Some people start to go then slam on their breaks (I think because there is a camera there). It’s crazy. There is no sign that says no right on red. So that tells me that you stop, look and then go if it is clear? I think the city should put a blinking red light OR a yellow light to clear up the confusion. There needs to be some clarification for sure.

I took Karen’s question to FDOT. They told me that because the location has dual lefts and dual rights for the southbound Veterans Expressway ramp, the red arrows are necessary to completely stop the right-turning drivers to accommodate drivers turning left from westbound Hillsborough. However, FDOT agreed to look into the option of adding signage to the intersection to better guide drivers.

Within days, FDOT inspected the intersection and agreed a sign was necessary. FDOT is working with Hillsborough County to install at the “Right On Red After Stop” sign. That signage is expected to be in place soon.

Thanks to Karen for her question! If you have a traffic concern, send me a Road Rant. Email me at mcensullo@wfla.com or find me on Facebook at WFLA Meredyth.