TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Shopping for a new or used car is usually no treat, but this trick could save you money on your next trip to the dealership.

It has nothing to do with extensive research, checking under the hood, or inspecting safety features (although I’d recommend you do those things!). This recent study found saving cash is as simple as looking at the vehicle’s color.

ISeeCars.com analyzed the price tags of more than four million new and used vehicles and concluded shoppers save 10% or more on cars with common colors, like gold or silver.

On average, drivers in the U.S. save the most on beige cars! While beige never tops the list of favorite car colors, research finds those who drive beige cars put the most miles on them – probably because the plain Jane vehicles are used primarily as their ‘daily driver’ mode of transportation.

Nationwide, silver vehicles scored second in the savings category, largely because supply usually outweighs demand.

If beige or silver aren’t your thing, that’s ok. The same study found shoppers in Tampa Bay pay less for black vehicles! Drivers saved an average of 12% on black sedans, pickups and SUVs.

If you’re looking for a flashier ride, prepare to pay more. Unusual colors, like orange or purple, often come with fewer deals.

Read the research methodology and learn more about why certain paint colors cost more or less at this link.

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