LUTZ, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida ranks fourth in the country for telecommuting jobs. The state is seeing growth in a number of areas, including Computer/IT, Customer Service, Medicine/Health, Administration, and Sales, according to the website, FlexJobs.

But working from home can be a difficult transition for some people.

Katja Mosher oversees 50 employees, but rarely sees them face-to-face. Their communication is primarily through web-based communication tools. While that sounds great to a lot of people, Katja initially missed office interaction.

“I was so used to having eight people walk in to my office and need me for something,” she says.

It took Katja a year to master staying focused.

“You have to be very disciplined, very self-managed. You have to be able to prioritize your work.”

Katja works in the Computer-IT industry, ranked in the top 5 career categories that saw expanding opportunities this year, according to the website FlexJobs. The others: Customer Service, Medicine/Health, Administration and Sales.

A quick search of Flexjobs shows more than 850 full-time jobs with 100% telecommuting in Tampa right now.

Katja was encouraged to work from home by her husband, who has an office down the hall. Kurt Mosher says he’s seen his wife’s stress decrease significantly.

“Avoiding traffic, and being able to go right to work from home, puts you in a better mindset to probably work better and more efficiently,” he says.

And that’s true, says Katja. Although now, instead of setting boundaries with co-workers, she says she has to set them with her husband. That often means shutting the door to her office.

“Just because I’m physically here, doesn’t mean I’m available,” says Katja.

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