ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) —The Cross-Bay Ferry kicked off its seventh season Sunday morning at its new location in St. Pete.

“I look out on the bay every morning so it’ll be nice to really cross it,” Gail Nestor said as she waited in line for the ferry.

She stood in line on her birthday with Sheila Halley.

“I’m so excited it’s back,” Halley said.

It’s back and at a low cost.

Adult fares are $12 per one-way trip.

Tickets for kids are just $10 free for those under four years old.

Halley with Car Free St. Pete was among the first in line Sunday morning.

“It’s a healthier lifestyle to walk and bike places, better emissions, [and] better for the environment,” she explained.

The city said St. Pete no longer had a valid permit to use the docks across from North Straub Park.

Though the Cross-Bay Ferry will still be operating from the Tampa Convention Center, the St. Pete location has moved to the port.

Tampa Bay Ferries Alliance Board Chairman Michael Ball has high hopes for the future, saying he hopes we could soon be able to utilize the bay better.

“When people refer to the area, it’s not St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, it’s Tampa Bay,” he said. “We’re united by the water, it’s the one dominating feature we have, but we have no way to really utilize it and leverage it in a way where we can use to to help move people from one sporting event to another.”

“Maybe eventually at some point as we achieve scale, capacity and capability, we could use it as transit, actually using it as part of our daily commute,” he continued.

You can find more information on times and locations below.