Piotr Janowski’s usually uses paint and brushes to create in his Tarpon Springs garage, but this unconventional artist recently turned his rental home into a display all on its own.

Janowski used rolls and rolls of Reynold’s aluminum foil and spray-on adhesive to cover most of the front of the house. “I just want to do something which will interest people, which will create a different perspective (on) how to look to the world or contemporary art,” he said.

Electric meters, the front door, the mail box and a lamp become works of art with the foil covering every inch.

But not everyone is in love with Janowski’s silver masterpiece.

Neighbor Peter Dalacos said he’s worried about the palm tree dying and the potential for fire because of the foil on the electric meter. “He’s defacing the property. He’s got a piece of art inside the garage that you can’t see it now but he’s been painting. And that should be the canvas,” Dalacos said.

While News Channel 8 was at the house, a man rode up on a scooter. He said his name is “Stamat.” “It kind of give me the creeps,” the man said at first.

But, when he learned Janowski intends for the foil house to be an art display, the man changed his mind. “I love art. I like all kinds of art,” he said. “It’s unusual. I’m not mocking it or anything. It’s just kind of strange.”

Janowski has heard from his neighbors. “Some others thought that we are alien,” he said.

The foil will only cover the house for a few weeks. Tarpon Springs Code Enforcement is researching to see if any laws are being broken.

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