HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – She’s got 15 days to purge her porch, yard and driveway of clutter.  The instructions are: bring her Amhearst Street property into code compliance, or Hillsborough County Code Enforcement will fine her $500 dollars day.

‘Well I’m getting rid of that as I’m talking to you all,” Brenda Owings told Target 8. 

Code enforcement launched yet another investigation of Owings in February, after neighbor Bob Mullins complained of the mess.

“This is a case of harassment too,” Owings told the Code Enforcement Board Friday.

The board asked her how long she needed to clear her property.  Owings asked for 30 days.  She got 15.

But, this isn’t Owings’ first rodeo.

Mullins also complained about a property she owns right around the corner, on Berkford Avenue.

Code violations there date back to 1997.  Fines surpassed $500,000.

After several Target 8 reports in 2014,  the county cleaned up the Berkford property at a cost of $60,000.  It removed tons of junk.

“That was done by other people, not all that stuff was mine,” insists Owings.

In 2014, she also purchased the property on Amhearst Street, right across the road from Mullins.

Code enforcement now wants it cleared of junk.

How can she clear one property when the last time around, on Berkford, it took years, then taxpayers paid to get it done?

“That’s because I didn’t know somebody else wanted everything off my property,” she said.

In fact, Code Enforcement frequently alerted her that she was in violation of county code and that her fines were mounting daily.

“Go to another question,” Owings said.

The county is moving to foreclose on the Berkford Avenue land to recover the money it spent on the clean up.  A hearing is scheduled in April.

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