TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Codi Parkinson is fed up. She’s been waiting to get her carport fixed since late January, when a stranger slammed into it.

Parkinson says she was inside her house when she heard two loud boom and ran outside to see the damage.

“This woman just came around the corner going way too fast.” she said. “Took off the front end of a vehicle and then hit the gas and didn’t hit the break and took out my mailbox and also destroyed by carport.”

Estimates to replace the carport and haul the old one away are for a little over $5,000.
The owner of the car in the accident has National General Insurance, but Parkinson says she’s getting nowhere getting her claim paid.

“The insurance company just keeps pushing me off,” she said. “Pushing me off, pushing me off.”

The force of the impact damaged part of Parkinson’s home, too, since the carport was pushed into her home.

Better Call Behnken left numerous messages for National General Insurance. One employee called back and referred someone else. Meanwhile, Investigator Shannon Behnken also left a message for the parent company, Allstate Insurance.