TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It may be one of the first times a murder victim has ever sent out his own killing live over the internet.

In a Tampa strip club early Saturday morning, Marvin Lancaster III shared a video on live streaming app Periscope of his time out.

Lancaster let his friends know he had been pulled over by a Tampa police officer and was given a warning for a traffic violation. He let his friends know he was inside Club Rayne.

He let them know the music was pulsing, the lights were flashing and a dancer came off the stage to yell at him about fighting. Seconds later, shots rang out. The phone and the live stream dropped to the floor.

Police say Marvin Lancaster III was killed by the gunfire. Seven others were shot, one of them seriously wounded.

“We’ve had a lot of leads to follow up on,” said Steve Hegarty with the Tampa Police Department.

Police are aware of the Periscope feed and the video, but will not confirm if the victim is the same person who posted it when the gunfire erupted inside the club.

“We look at every bit of evidence that we can and we are well aware that somebody was using Periscope, which is a way to do social media live. We’re looking at everything that we can,” Hegarty said.MORE STORIES YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN