(WFLA) – Tampa Bay area pilots and other volunteers are not letting the log jam of supplies in Puerto Rico stop their efforts to help fellow Americans in need. 

They are flying out planeloads of much-needed supplies they insist are reaching hard-hit areas of the island.

At an aircraft hanger at Tampa Executive Airport, relief supplies destined for Puerto Rico stay for only a short time before they are loaded onto semis for the trip to Tampa International Airport.

For Shai Ortiz, the sight of the enormous response brings tears to her eyes.

She has family in Puerto Rico she hasn’t heard from since the storm.

“I know the people in Puerto Rico are struggling hardcore and we should be putting everything down politically, everything down sports wise, everything down just to focus on our American cousins down in Puerto Rico who need our help,” said Ortiz.

Hearing of supplies floundering and not getting to suffering Puerto Ricans is frustrating to the volunteers behind this effort.

But Juan Concheiro, with Upwind Flying Club, said that’s not the case with the items his group collected.

“The supplies are getting out there. They’re gonna get out there to all the small, remote places and you got to think about it, those roads are devastated,” he said.

The group has plenty of water, but does need generators, chain saws, tools, lumber, tarps, buckets and cleaning supplies.

“People are writing in the streets, ‘SOS,’ that they need agua y comida. They need water. They need supplies and they’re literally writing it in the streets,” said Shai Ortiz.

The volunteers have filled and emptied an airplane hanger three or four times.

“The mission is going and we had to get through a lot of red tape,” said Juan Concheiro.Click here to learn more about the cause and to donate.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-