TAMPA BAY, Fla. (WFLA) — She strikes a chord of emotion and pride as she sings the National Anthem at the start of Tampa Bay Lightning home games, but out of the spotlight, Sonya Bryson struggles with Multiple Sclerosis.

At a support group, Bryson met an elderly woman who inspired her to help others struggling with the disease.

“She had gone a whole month without electricity because she paid for her medication and that hurt me. That hurt my heart, I knew there was something I could do in the community with the help of the people around me,” Bryson said.

Now Bryson is leaning on fan support for her foundation Voices of Hope, and Lightning fans are responding, showing up at fundraisers and events to support her cause.

“My hope is to brighten the life of people who have MS,” Bryson said. “Sometimes you just need somebody to come and help around the house or maybe jump out and grab a meal for you and bring it back to your home or even help with a payment for your doctor’s appointment or your utility bill.”

With medication and care, Bryson is managing her MS and hopes to continue to stand strong so she can keep helping others.

On an interesting side note, Bryson is also working with the not-for-profit “Athletes + Causes,” an organization that helps high-profile athletes and others with unique talents use their gifts to build philanthropist foundations.STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON