TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Bay Lightning announced their schedule for the 2022-2023 regular season on Wednesday.

The Lightning kick off the season on October 11 with an Eastern Conference Final rematch against the New York Rangers. The team will return to the Amelie Arena for their first home game against the Philadelphia Flyers one week later, on October 18. The Bolts are scheduled to play 41 games at home, as well as 41 away.

In a February 9 home game, The Bolts will take on the Colorado Avalanche for the first time since their loss in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final.

According to a press release from the team, the Lightning will play all teams in the league at least twice. They are scheduled to face each team in their division four times, with the exceptions of Toronto and Ottawa, who they will face three times. The Lightning will take on the Metropolitan Division teams three times and play against each Western Conference opponent twice.

Florida hockey fans can also catch the 2023 NHL All Star Weekend in Miami on February 3 and 4.

Here is the full 2022-2023 schedule, with home games in bold:

Tue., Oct 117:30AT N.Y. RangersSat., Jan 147:00AT St. Louis
Fri., Oct 147:00AT ColumbusMon., Jan 161:00AT Seattle
Sat., Oct 157:00AT PittsburghWed., Jan 187:00AT Vancouver
Tue., Oct 188:00PhiladelphiaThu., Jan 197:00AT Edmonton
Fri., Oct 217:00AT FloridaSat., Jan 211:00AT Calgary
Sat., Oct 227:00N.Y. IslandersTue., Jan 247:00Minnesota
Tue., Oct 257:30AT Los AngelesThu., Jan 267:00Boston
Wed., Oct 267:00AT AnaheimSat., Jan 287:00Los Angeles
Sat., Oct 291:00AT San JoseMon., Feb 67:00AT Florida
Tue., Nov 17:00OttawaTue., Feb 77:00San Jose
Thu., Nov 37:00CarolinaThu., Feb 97:00Colorado
Sat., Nov 57:00BuffaloSat., Feb 1112:00AT Dallas
Tue., Nov 87:00EdmontonTue., Feb 147:00AT Colorado
Fri., Nov 117:00AT WashingtonWed., Feb 157:00AT Arizona
Sun., Nov 137:00WashingtonSat., Feb 187:30AT Vegas
Tue., Nov 157:00DallasTue., Feb 217:00Anaheim
Thu., Nov 177:00CalgaryThu., Feb 237:00Buffalo
Sat., Nov 197:00AT NashvilleSat., Feb 257:00AT Detroit
Mon., Nov 217:00BostonSun., Feb 266:00AT Pittsburgh
Fri., Nov 257:30St. LouisTue., Feb 287:00Florida
Mon., Nov 287:00AT BuffaloThu., Mar 27:00Pittsburgh
Tue., Nov 297:00AT BostonSun., Mar 53:00AT Carolina
Thu., Dec 17:00AT PhiladelphiaTue., Mar 77:00Philadelphia
Sat., Dec 37:00TorontoThu., Mar 97:00Vegas
Tue., Dec 67:00DetroitSat., Mar 117:00Chicago
Thu., Dec 87:00NashvilleSun., Mar 127:00Winnipeg
Sat., Dec 104:00FloridaTue., Mar 147:00AT New Jersey
Tue., Dec 137:00SeattleThu., Mar 167:00AT New Jersey
Thu., Dec 157:00ColumbusSat., Mar 187:00Montreal
Sat., Dec 177:00AT MontrealSun., Mar 197:00New Jersey
Tue., Dec 207:00AT TorontoTue., Mar 217:00AT Montreal
Wed., Dec 217:00AT DetroitThu., Mar 237:00AT Ottawa
Fri., Dec 237:00AT BuffaloSat., Mar 251:00AT Boston
Wed., Dec 287:00MontrealTue., Mar 287:00AT Carolina
Thu., Dec 297:00N.Y. RangersThu., Mar 307:00Washington
Sat., Dec 317:00ArizonaSat., Apr 17:00N.Y. Islanders
Tue., Jan 37:30AT ChicagoWed., Apr 57:30AT N.Y. Rangers
Wed., Jan 48:30AT MinnesotaThu., Apr 67:30AT N.Y. Islanders
Fri., Jan 67:00AT WinnipegSat., Apr 87:00AT Ottawa
Tue., Jan 107:00ColumbusTue., Apr 117:00Toronto
Thu., Jan 127:00VancouverThu., Apr 137:00Detroit

Ticket and broadcast information is still to be announced.