(WFLA) – People in Puerto Rico are still desperately struggling after Hurricane Maria damaged the island. A Tampa Bay area business owner and Puerto Rico native is using her bakery business as a way to support hurricane victims. 

“How blessed are we? Like we have power, even through Hurricane Irma, if we lost power for one or two days, sorry I’m getting emotional, it’s nothing like what they’re going through over there,” said Kristina Lavallee.

Her homeland, where she grew up, is where most of her family still is.

“Roofs gone, houses gone, like we saw just an actual toilet just by itself that was the only thing remaining of the home.”

Lavallee just got back from Puerto Rico. She sold bakery goods out of her truck to raise money for those suffering.

“I don’t earn anything from it, but I am going to bless a lot of people by doing that, by donating my time. The people, the money, are buying my sweets from. I will do anything, really.”

She’ll do anything so they can stop living in those conditions.

“Most of them have no water. No power. They haven’t even been able to make grocery purchases or anything like that because the lines are four or five hours long.”

So far, Lavallee has donated $4,500 and countless hours of her time, but she says her work isn’t finished yet.

“That’s nothing really, I wanted to do more, but from where it went and from what I did, I feel like I did a lot, but I just know it’s not enough.”If you’d like to donate, you can go online. 

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