(NewsNation) — The trial of a Texas woman suspected of murdering a rising star in the professional cycling world — caught in an alleged love triangle — is set to start Monday.

35-year-old Kaitlin Armstrong is accused of killing Anna Moriah Wilson in Austin in 2022. Investigators said that Wilson was in town for a race and hung out with Armstrong’s boyfriend.  

Two weeks ago, Armstrong attempted to escape from jail while she was out for a doctor’s appointment. According to jail records, she now faces a felony charge for the alleged escape.

This is not the first time Armstrong has allegedly tried to run. Shortly after the alleged crime, in 2022 she booked a flight to New York with her sister’s name and passport

She was on the run for 43 days until she was captured in Costa Rica where she had dyed her hair and paid for plastic surgery. 

Armstrong has been back in Texas ever since and is standing trial for first-degree murder.

Investigators said she spent time hanging out and swimming with Colin Strickland, also a pro cyclist and someone she used to date.  

Police said Strickland lied to Armstrong, his girlfriend at the time, about where he was. Both Strickland and Wilson’s family deny they were romantically involved at the time.

The first major clue investigators said was surveillance video showing Armstrong’s car in the area at the time of Wilson’s death.