TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — Many students are using their smartphones and tablets to study. There are hundreds of apps geared toward every grade, and even college. Some focus on specific skills.

“Wordly Wise (3000) is the app that helps you with learning new words that are really big, for each grade, and it goes from k-12,” said Danica Muroff, 10 years old.

As she enters 5th grade, Muroff also wants to make sure her penmanship is perfect. So she uses a cursive app.

“It teaches you how to write in cursive and there’s cool things you can write with,” she said.

Her sister Alexandra, 8 years old, uses an app called Sumdog to study math.

“It’s a game where you can buy stuff for a house, but it has math on it, and all these games but you have to finish the math,” she said.

Duilan Robertson, 14 years old, likes to study with the Canvas app.

“The teachers post work and stuff that we need to do, and it’s all on Canvas and you just do the work on the iPad,” he said.

Braelyn Borjas, 11 years old, uses apps for subjects that are more technical.

“One of them was Noteability where I got all of my math notes, and sciences, all in one place,” he said.Find study apps here:

Wordly Wise 3000 Online

Cursive Writing





Flash cards