ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) — A St. Petersburg family had quite the wake up call Wednesday morning when a 9-foot-long gator was outside their home, peeking in the window.

Police say they received reports of the large alligator in the 2900 block of 35th Avenue South just before 4 a.m. Florida Fish and Wildlife crews responded and quickly came to capture the gator, which they believe was 9-feet long and around 300 pounds. The gator was caged on a trailer and will be taken to a safe place.

Even though the gator was quickly captured, it’s didn’t help resident Annette Garcia sleep any better. She said she was laying in bed Wednesday morning when she heard a boom outside her home; when she looked outside she saw the gator and woke up her family members. Police were there and told Garcia not to come outside.

“Once [they] got him on the trailer, he said we could come out, so that’s when I came out and started taking pictures,” Garcia explained. “Thank God someone did see him because normally we’re out at that time going to work.” Garcia said she was in disbelief that the gator was outside her house of all places, and will definitely look both ways when leaving her house for work from now on.MORE STORIES FROM WFLA.COM: