SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) — A man was arrested after deputies said he started a fire at his home that killed six pets inside.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday they received “numerous 9-1-1 calls” from a resident at a home on Collingswood Street in Spring Hill. Each time deputies responded 29-year-old Evan Saslaw was the only one at the home and refused to speak with or let deputies into the home.

Deputies said they planned to arrest Saslaw the next morning on a warrant for misuse of 9-1-1.

When the next morning came, deputies said they received calls from numerous individuals about an explosion and fire at Saslaw’s home. Witnesses also told deputies they saw Saslaw run from the home, potentially with a handgun.

Deputies said they found Saslaw a short distance away, where they detained him on the misuse of 9-1-1 warrant. Saslaw also had a handgun on him, according to deputies.

Hernando County Fire and Emergency Services put out the fire. According to the release, when firefighters searched the debris, they found three cats, two dogs and a snake died in the fire. A dog and cat survived.

Deputies said an investigation showed Saslaw poured gasoline in the garage area and lit it on fire. Saslaw told deputies he wanted to “cause a scene to get people to notice.”

The fire also damaged some windows of neighboring homes according to deputies.

Saslaw was arrested and taken to the Hernando County Detention Center on charges of misuse of 9-1-1, arson, criminal Mischief, and six counts of animal cruelty.