TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)- White sand, clear water and mild temperatures. It’s easy to see why spring breakers and snow birds flock down south when the mercury dips up north.

“Florida is a destination state… there’s a lot of people who bring their driving behaviors to Florida and it becomes a melting pot here for our state,” said Sgt. Steve Gaskins of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The state is expected to see close to 100 million visitors in this year alone, meaning lots of unfamiliar drivers on Tampa roads and highways, slowing things down for everybody else.

“I usually get pretty frustrated, get some road rage, whip around them,” said driver Carly Friedman.

“Everyone has got to learn to mix and match their driving skills or driving behaviors that they are accustomed to back home,” said Sgt. Gaskins.

Driving too slow isn’t just really annoying for everyone else around you- it’s also dangerous.

To keep motorists safe and moving along, the Florida Highway Patrol is warning drivers that they could be fined if they don’t obey the minimum speed limit.

“If we have multiple drivers in too many lanes going too slow or too fast, people tend to try to jump around and pass on the right when we are typically accustomed to people passing on the left,” said Sgt. Gaskins.

A fine could cost you more than $150 in Hillsborough County, so to avoid being on the wrong end of a “slow poke” ticket, make sure to check out each state’s individual driving laws before hitting the road.THE STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: