SAN DIEGO, Cal. (CNN) — Just the thought of losing your engagement ring is something most women can’t even stomach, but for one San Diego woman, she did stomach it — literally.

After being together for five and a half years, Jenna Evans swallowed the engagement ring her fiance Bobby gave her while she was having a dream she was on a train.

“I was having a dream that we were on a cargo train and it was a dangerous situation and Bobby told me ‘you have to swallow your ring,” Evans said.

Her “007” dream became a real life emergency.

“When I woke up and it was not on my hand, I knew exactly where it was. Where was it? It was in my stomach.”

It was 8 a.m. when the two rushed to urgent care to explain the situation.

Her gastroenterologist suggested an emergency endoscopy.

“I was really happy because I don’t know if I can look at it an appreciate it in the same way if I had to ‘search’ for it,” Evans said, referring to letting nature take its course before searching for her ring.

So she had the endoscopy and after just a few minutes, was reunited with her engagement ring.

Evans says she now takes her ring off at night just in case.

The couple gets married in Texas in May.