Signs & symptoms of heroin use


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Drug abusers are rarely honest about the substances they abuse. Narconon says you might have to play the role of detective when trying to figure out if a loved one is abusing heroin.

Here are some signs that Narconon suggests you watch for- 

Watch for remnants of heroin abuse

You can find remnants of the drug or paraphernalia. Heroin can be a powdery or crumbly substance ranging in color from off-white to dark brown. Black tar heroin is almost black in color and is sticky. Heroin is most often smoked, snorted or injected. You could discover glass or metal pipes or syringes, dirty spoons, lighters and belts or rubber tubing that is used to cause veins to enlarge.

Watch for signs of heroin use

Watch for a surge of euphoria, dry mouth, flushed skin, runny nose, constricted pupils, itching, nausea, vomiting and slow breathing. Heroin users might also have slurred speech. They often stop eating, neglect their grooming, and wear long sleeves to cover signs of injections in their arms. Heroin users might nod off at times.More resources



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