LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – Lakeland Athletic Director, teacher and city commissioner Justin Troller could soon be fired by the school board over an alleged inappropriate conversation with a student.

Troller is also accused of lying to get the student in trouble.

The allegations center around a conversation on the popular app Snapchat.

A Lakeland High School teen claims Troller asked “how big are you” via a Snapchat message and also sent at least one other sexually explicit message. According to police documents, Troller denied the conversation to school officials and investigators, then refused to talk.

He refused to talk to News Channel 8 on Monday at the city commission meeting.

Detectives were able to determine the student and Troller exchanged more than a dozen messages, but were not able to analyze them because the app automatically deletes messages after they are read.

“The conversations existed yes, that’s a fact, but what was in those conversations we don’t know,” Polk County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Scott Wilder said. “Snapchat is bad in that sense for investigations. But the company always helps us when we present them with legal paperwork.”

Investigators didn’t have enough evidence to file criminal charges, but did conclude that he lied to multiple people about the incident.

According to the report, the student confronted Troller at school and recorded it on his cell phone.

Troller then told the principal that the student swore at him, which was proven to be a lie by the recording.

“What the student claimed was on there, and what the teacher claimed, were not the same thing,” Wilder said.

The school district has suspended Troller with pay, and recommended he be fired.

The school district’s internal investigation is expected to be released Friday. School board members will vote on his termination on April 25, 2017.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-