SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (SNN) — A third-generation rally race car driver from the UK and the world’s only Asian female rally race car driver is on the Suncoast.

Both former rally race car drivers, Nabila Tejpar and her dad, have joined forces to create a new luxury car condo in Sarasota. The official launch was on Thursday.

“As lovers of cars, we always have too many and not enough garage space for them. So the idea behind the car condos was to have a facility where like-minded people could come and enjoy and have secure parking locations for their cars, but also use it as they’re den kind of thing,” said Nabila.

When Covid shut down the racing world, she started to think about her future. She secured her real estate license and quickly put her new skills to the test, envisioning a dynamic 5-acre development with 60 garage units ranging from 960 square feet to 1,332 square feet, each equipped with private bathrooms.

Finally, that vision is becoming a reality.

“We finally found the piece of land just north of State Road 70 and it’s perfect and we kind of designed it, we worked together on the design. It’s going to have a classic car showroom as well,” said Nabila’s dad Aziz Tejpar.

Each unit can be used for a private collection of cars or personal spaces within a social setting for car enthusiasts.

“The members can use the facilities if you want to have a big party or you want to do a car launch, or you’re having a superbowl party, or somebody wants to get engaged, or whatever. They can do it on-site,” said Aziz.

The Tejpars aimed to provide a secure and appealing environment for enjoying cars.

“It’s really down to the people who own the units at the end of the day. They can bring the people they want, they can socialize with people they want, but they’ll know that the other 60 owners of the units also have that love of cars in mind and are there for the same reasons,” said Nabila.

Despite creating a social setting for car enthusiasts, the Tejpars emphasize that this project has been a bonding exercise for them.

“It’s stuff that we can do together and work on events and everything else. For us, it’s more of a bonding exercise,” said Aziz.