NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — Emergency crews responding to a recent crash in North Port had to fight off bees to save the victims.

The North Port Police Department responded to the crash Tuesday afternoon on I-75 near mile marker 172.

Officers say an SUV went off the road and into the air, then crashed through a barbed wire fence and hit a tree.

During the crash, the SUV drove through several bee boxes. Police say it caused major issues when crews were trying to get to the crash victims because there were thousands of bees swarming in the area.

Video captured by North Port Police Officer Jared Fegan shows firefighters from North Port and Charlotte County using high-pressure foam spray to clear the bees away long enough so that crews could get two victims out of the SUV.

The Florida Highway Patrol completed the crash investigation with help from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.