VENICE, Fla. (WFLA) – Newly obtained witness video shows the dramatic moments when a man attacked a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputy after he stabbed a woman.

“Put the knife down, put it on the ground,” the deputy is heard shouting in the video.

The neighbor on Seminole Drive in Venice recorded 48-year-old Eduardo Lopez Garcia approaching the first deputy to arrive at the scene. He was already bleeding profusely from stab wounds.

“Seminole is the street. I don’t know the number of the street. The guy was yesterday in jail,” a frantic 911 caller told dispatch.

Deputies said Garcia was arrested for domestic battery last Wednesday. The day after he bonded out, deputies said he stabbed a woman multiple times. Her identity has not been released.

“We just heard someone just like screaming and it sounded like she was screaming help,” a child from the neighborhood said in a 911 call.

A concerned friend of the victim also called 911 from Sarasota.

“She was on the phone with a friend of ours and when she pulled into the garage all of a sudden she said, ‘Eduardo, Eduardo, no,’ and then the phone went blank,” the caller said.

The Sheriff’s Office said Garcia threw the knife and charged at the deputy on the front lawn. The deputy used the butt of his gun to defend himself and bring Garcia to the ground.

The deputy went to the hospital but didn’t suffer any severe injuries.

Deputies said they also found an animal with critical stab wounds inside the home.

Paramedics attempted to save the victim and Garcia, but they both died.

Based on what witnesses told investigators and because there were no other suspects or victims, deputies determined this was a murder-suicide.