VENICE, Fla. (WFLA) – Some might describe it as, “The tale of two travelers.”

The turkey and the trucker.

Birds of a different feather that were not supposed to meet.

But, they did.

It happened in wild fashion along I-75 in Sarasota County on Wednesday.

“I thought, oh boy. What do we have going on here,” said Nick Gerken who works for D-Trans. ” I’ve hit other birds and bears, and coyotes.that came in and tried to get me.”

This time – a turkey.

“I watched it come right at me,” Nick said. 

And, the wildest part?  Both parties walked away.

The close encounter was caught on camera. The turkey can be seen flying through the windshield.

The longtime trucker thought the fowl flew away.

What Nick didn;t know is that the bird was in the back and had been there the whole time. It flew in with the windshield and didn’t fly out – caught in some netting.

Nick’s buddies got the bird out, and his boss shared the footage with friends.

The video went viral, and Nick has quite the story to share.

Next time, he says, this is a job best done – solo.

“I never thought it’d come in for a landing,” he chuckled.