NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — Madi Marks and her sister Carly are mourning the loss of not just one of their best friends, but two.

They were sisters, the oldest being Sophia Rathgeber.

“Sophia, she was my best friend,” Madi said. “She was the best person in the world.”

“She was a really sweet girl,” Carly said. “She was always there for us no matter what, no matter when.”

They will also miss their other best friend, Sophia’s sister, Nicole Rathgeber.

“Nicole, she’s the same way,” Carly said. “She was a little hyper sometimes. Cool to hang out with.”

“Nicole was the best person to talk to ever,” Madi said. “She was the nicest person ever.”

“She was so sweet,” Madi continued. “She’d do literally anything for you.”

North Port police say the vehicle was going around a curve on North Sumter Boulevard when it lost traction, flipped over a bridge and landed on its roof inside a pond.

An off-duty police officer heard the crash and rushed to help.

“He jumped into the water, went down to see what he could do,” Josh Taylor with the North Port Police Department said. “Both of the individuals were unconscious if not more at that time.”

“There was very little that could be done,” Taylor continued. “They were strapped in with their seatbelts, upside down with a car full of water that makes that very difficult.”

Both were pronounced dead at the scene, leaving the North Port community grieving the loss of Sophia and Nicole.

Rowyn Roberts taped a sign to the guardrail at the scene saying, “Two sisters gained their wings and were sent home way too soon.”

“It broke me knowing that we’re not going to see them again, but knowing they grew their wings today, that’s what we’re proud of,” she said.

The crash is under investigation by North Port police.