SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Centers for Disease Control reported 77,530 COVID-19 cases in Florida within the last week.

Dr. Manuel Gordillo, Medical Director of Sarasota Memorial Infection Prevention and Control, said new studies show for every one positive case reported, there can be up to 30 cases not counted. That is because more people are testing at home or skipping testing altogether.

Most of Tampa Bay has high community transmission levels of COVID-19 right now, according to the CDC.

“Every one of us knows people that are infected, so you don’t have to ask really is there a surge? We know everybody knows that there is a surge,” said Dr. Gordillo.

SMH currently has 67 COVID patients hospitalized. Four of them are in the ICU. The hospital system said about half of its COVID patients are unvaccinated.

“There’s about 200 cases a day reported in Sarasota now compared to just about 6 weeks ago when we were about 30 a day,” he said.

Dr. Gordillo said this new variant is more transmissible, so some people who already had COVID are contracting the disease again.

“That’s the fight between human immunity and the virus, so the virus does not have free reign to infect everyone like it did in December.”

Tampa General Hospital reports it has 67 COVID patients with 6 ICU beds in use.

Dr. Gordillo said to take a COVID test if you have symptoms. If it comes back negative and you’re still showing symptoms — test again.

SMH said it offers outpatient treatment options for COVID patients, but it’s important to get tested and treated within 5 days of your first symptoms.

The White House said the FDA and CDC are expected to meet next week to make their recommendations for vaccinating kids under the age of five. If both agencies recommend it, the White House said the country could see shots in arms of kids under the age of five as early as June 20.