TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A free sailing camp is being offered for young people with autism in Sarasota this weekend.

The three-day camp, presented by Spectrum Sailing and Sarasota Youth Sailing, will offer children 10-17 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder the chance to get outside, explore and try something new while socializing with their peers.

The three-day program covers general sailing knowledge with lessons on water safety rules, wind direction and points of sail, boat parts, conditions on the water and knots and rigging/de-rigging.

Spectrum Sailing was founded by sailor Scott Herman when he couldn’t find a sailing camp for his son with autism.

(Courtesy: Spectrum Sailing)

“It is great to see the sailors make friends through Spectrum Sailing,” said Herman. “Sailing requires everyone to work together to make the boat ‘go.’ Often our sailors are often quiet and shy on day one, but by day three of camp, the boatmates are a well-formed team and enjoy working the boat together.”

Spectrum Sailing has hosted camps in Charleston and Chicago over the course of the summer.

Registration for the free camp is currently open and can be found online.