SARASOTA COUNTY (WFLA) – A Sarasota fishing company recently reeled in a big tiger shark in their excursions.

According to the sport-fishing company, the shark was nearly 13-feet and caught less than 30 miles off the Gulf Coast.

“On a specialty fishing trip appropriately named ‘Pelagic Monsters’, Pelagic Color targets top apex predators of the Gulf of Mexico. On Sunday, August 8, a father and son team embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Michael and Nicholas Braun, visiting Sarasota on vacation from Montana, couldn’t believe what they experienced,” an email to 8 On Your Side read.

“I thought it might be another grouper” explained Captain Jonathan ‘Hollywood’ McPherson,. “After a few circles it came up and we were shocked. After reeling in a massive shark, I put on my gloves and we measured it against the side of the boat. Completely stoked, I caught my biggest shark ever today – a 150” female tiger shark estimated at over 900 pounds. The belly was huge. She was clearly pregnant,” he speculated.

Multiple fishing trips of numbering length are available throughout the company.