This Memorial Day weekend, dozens of Eternal Reef memorials were dedicated to submariners who sacrificed their lives for our country.

The dedication ceremony was held Sunday at Ken Thompson Park. A total of 65 memorial reefs were dedicated. Each represents a submarine and their crews lost on eternal patrol.

Recipients from each submarine accepted a flag from cadets from the Sarasota Military Academy.

After the ceremony, one of the cadets was caught on camera going above and beyond to honor some of the submariners.

According to a woman who attended the ceremony, the young cadet stood in the rain and thanked each crew member from the USS R-12 by name. 

The woman tells us the cadet had an assignment to do research on the ship. He ended up memorizing all 42 names and decided to thank them individually. She sent us the picture to recognize the cadet’s dedication to his project.

The 65 reefs will later be submerged into the water to create a large underwater memorial on the floor of Sarasota Bay. The exact date for that has not yet been decided.