SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Sarasota bakery is selling cupcakes to help support relief efforts during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Simply Sweets SRQ is offering half a dozen cupcakes, colored blue and yellow in support of Ukraine and filled with chocolate ganache, to raise funds for World Central Kitchen, an organization working on the front lines to provide hot meals across Ukraine.

Francesca Fargo started her business during the pandemic when everyone was going through a difficult time.

“It was hard to get out to the store and basically everything was closed down. I started baking for – I have three kids – so my kids’ birthdays, you know, Christmas cookies and pretty quickly word spread,” she said.

Fargo said her business took off when the word spread and folks asked her to make things for them. She said she always had a dream to have her own bakery.

Though she doesn’t have a direct connection to Ukraine – as a mother, she felt inclined to help.

“The fact that it’s just being the mother of three children myself and seeing the tragedies that are occurring over there. It just broke my heart and honestly couldn’t not feel a need to try and act and try and help in some way,” she said.

To give back, she is selling her cupcakes at a bit of a “boosted” prices, at $20 for six, with 100 percent of the profits going to World Central Kitchen.

She said the response has been good for her cupcakes and giving back is something Simply Sweets SRQ will do in the future.

“I think that this will be something that we’ll just look for different areas that we can try to help, whether it’s locally or anywhere, I guess, just different things that we can try and raise money for,” Fargo said.

Simply Sweets SRQ specializes in number cakes for any kind of special occasion. They also specialize in custom sugar cookies.

“Everybody likes to have a cake with their initial or age that they’re turning, or if it’s a special occasion. We do wedding shapes, things like that. Any kind of theme,” Fargo said. “And also the custom cookies, everyone really seems to really gravitate toward those. To see your name on a cookie or the name of your party, it’s what we specialize in.”

You can find Simply Sweets SRQ online, on Facebook and on Instagram to order the delicacies for Ukraine and much more.