SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — A public hearing has been scheduled to allow residents discuss a proposed smoking ban at city beaches and beach parks in Sarasota.

City leaders discussed the possible ordinance days after a new Florida law went into effect, which allows local governments to ban smoking on public beaches.

Families living in and visiting Sarasota said cigarette butts are all over the city’s beaches.

“Birds eat cigarette butts, it’s terrible, it’s disturbing. It’s disturbing, they’re going to die,” one beachgoer said.

“We’re protecting our environment, our wildlife, our tourism and our residents. No one wants to go to the beach and deal with all sorts of cigarettes on the floor,” Mayor Erik Arroyo said after a recent discussion about the proposed ban.

A local law that is similar to the one proposed passed in 2008. At the time, the city opted into Sarasota County’s ban on smoking at public beaches. However, that ban was overturned in court in 2013.

Some city leaders said now is the time to make another attempt at the ban.

“It’s just an unsightly way of people coming into the city and being welcomed with that. If it wasn’t an issue we wouldn’t be regulating it,” said Mayor Arroyo.

Those who are against the ban argue it infringes on the rights of individuals who follow the rules and properly dispose of their cigarette butts. However, even some smokers said they’re on board with the ban.

“At the end of the day, if you want to light up a cigarette you’ll have to walk over there to the parking lot and follow the rules. I think that shouldn’t be much of a concern to the smokers and non-smokers,” a beachgoer added.

A public hearing on the topic is included in the commission’s meeting scheduled for 9 a.m.. Tuesday.

According to the agenda, the proposed ordinance will prohibit “smoking on City owned public beaches and within city owned public beach parks at all times, except within designated smoking areas.”