SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — Parts of Sarasota County are still hazardous to residents days after Hurricane Ian, according to officials.

The Sarasota County Government released a new map showing which regions are still at high risk for residents, with the area of greatest concern being the southern tip of the county.

The county separated the zones by escalating levels of danger through green, yellow, and red zones.

(Credit: Sarasota County Government)

The red zones are areas that have been deemed “unsafe” for residents who venture there.

Red zones contain heavy damage that limits travel, and emergency services may not be able to reach those in need in those regions. Access to red zones is restricted to residents and those who own businesses there.

The red zone once encompassed the entire southern half of the county, but it has since been reduced.

A sidewalk along the Venetian Water Way was completely washed away (Credit: Sarasota County Government)

Yellow zones are safer but are affected by power outages, fallen trees, and power outages. Traffic lights could be out, and the water supply could be compromised.

Those who go through yellow zones must do so for essential reasons and take safety precautions.

Green zones are safe, but as of this report, no green zones have been designated.