SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – The parent who forced a Sarasota elementary school to go into a limited lockdown is talking with 8 On Your Side.

An incident report from Sarasota County Schools Police says Christopher Kivlin was on the phone with the assistant principal Tuesday and threatened to leave his job and drive down to the school for him.

Kivlin showed up to campus saying the school was violating the law by not allowing his children to attend school.

Under the district’s enforcement of the mask mandate, the school can send children home if they don’t comply. 

Kivlin tells 8 On Your Side, the assistant principal threatened his wife, telling her their kids would face repercussions and consequences.

“First I want to start by saying I apologize if I worried any parents cause my intention was to do no harm,” Kivlin said. “I’m irate. I have to punch out of work because my wife is breaking down thinking the law is going to come down on her because the school is refusing to let my kids into school, I need answers.”

Kivlin was met by officers. He told them he had no intentions of hurting anyone, but that he just wanted to talk with someone at the school.

“I found out after the fact that the school had to go into lockdown, I was like that’s horrible,” Kivlin said. “I feel like I might have scared other parents.”

The school district’s mask mandate is still a controversial issue. When the policy went into effect earlier this week several schools saw anti-mask protests.

Kivlin says he’s since filled out a mask exemption form for his children, but he wishes the situation turned out differently.

“I apologize for if I freaked anybody out, it was nothing like that,” Kivlin said. “All the kids were safe, it was just emotions built up.”

Police say Kivlin was told not to come back to the school without first calling and asking for permission. District leaders say the lockdown was put in place out of an abundance of caution.