NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — Construction at a massive development site in North Port is uncovering pieces of history. Heavy machinery have unearthed shark teeth and fossils. But police say the artifacts are drawing out fossil hunters and are causing trespassing and safety concerns across the Wellen Park development.

There are no trespassing signs posted all around the community, but police say some people are ignoring the signs altogether.

In a tweet, police warned fossil hunters to be aware that those digging in or walking around posted construction areas in Wellen Park will be subject to felony trespassing charges.

“Obviously, the property owners have an active construction site. They are worried about safety, they are worried about their equipment. So they have asked us to really try to watch out for this stuff,” said the police department’s public information officer Josh Taylor.

Taylor said trespassing is not a new issue. Police have caught about a dozen people since the beginning of this year. The latest incident happened earlier this month.

Officers arrested a 43-year-old man from Venice. Arrest documents said the man “appeared to be hunting for shark teeth in the large and hazardous quarry.” He was charged with drug possession and trespassing on a posted construction site.

“Certainly there may be some folks that go out there and just love fossils and want to collect them, but it appears that there is a significant amount of people that are just basically digging for gold,” Taylor said. “They are looking for these items because they are valuable and they are looking to sell them.”

Wellen Park officials told 8 On Your Side safety is their greatest concern.

“This is predominately a safety issue, as we care about the safety of all of our residents and visitors. Construction activity in Wellen Park is clearly marked and fenced off to protect the public from unseen hazards and potential accidents. We appreciate the North Port Police Department’s diligence in patrolling the construction sites for everyone’s protection,” a Wellen Park spokesperson said in a statement to 8 On Your Side.

“It is a property rights issue,” Taylor added. “They have a right to not have people come onto their property and our responsibility is to enforce that. It is that simple.”