TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Sarasota’s New College of Florida board of trustees has voted to terminate the school’s president Dr. Patricia Okker.

At a meeting Tuesday, the board voted in favor of amending Okker’s contract to terminate her employment. The board has appointed former Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran to serve as interim president.

News Channel 8 previously reported Okker was expected to step down, but she never offered to resign. Our team is reaching out to Okker for comment.

The termination comes weeks after DeSantis replaced six of the board’s 13 members in what critics are calling a conservative takeover of the small, public arts college.

The new trustees include Christopher Rufo, a commentator and senior fellow at a conservative think tank who helped spark the current debate on critical race theory, Matthew Spalding, a dean at a prominent conservative college, Charles Kesler, a professor at a California college and senior fellow at a conservative think tank, Mark Bauerlein, an Emory University professor, Debra Jenks, a lawyer who is a New College graduate and Jason “Eddie” Speir, the founder and superintendent of a private Christian high school in Bradenton who has floated the idea of replacing the school’s president and firing all the faculty.

“It’s the bottom performing university according to the Board of Governor’s standards,” Rufo told WFLA. “We have tremendous opportunity here.”

This story is developing and will be updated.