SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Sarasota County woman is behind bars after unleashing a barrage of gunfire at two men who were at her home to collect their items, authorities said.

On Wednesday, June 7, two men arrived at the home of 53-year-old Peggy Hinkle, whose car was parked in the garage. Seemingly expecting an altercation, one of the men began recording their actions inside the house.

Authorities said Hinkle, armed with a handgun, took aim at the men and pulled the trigger.


Seconds after the handgun failed to fire, the men wrestled the gun from Hinkle’s hands and ran back to their car, but not without evading gunfire from Hinkle.

Unscathed, the men drove to a parking lot along the 1600 block of North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota as Hinkle followed behind. In an instant, the two vehicles collided. Authorities said Hinkle grabbed a gun and unleashed several more shots, this time striking one of the men in the head.

The uninjured man hit the gas and drove off in search of help. Still conscious, the second man said to head for the Sarasota Police Department rather than the hospital.

Hinkle did not pursue and instead returned home.

Sometime later, Sarasota police were called to the home for a report of an armed barricaded woman threatening to harm herself and others.

The SWAT Team, Crisis Negotiation Unit, Emergency Response Team, Drone Unit, Patrol Division, and Criminal Investigations Division responded as the Sarasota Police Department’s Marine Patrol Unit staged in the water behind the home and the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office flew Air 1 overhead.

As officers negotiated with Hinkle, the two men arrived at Sarasota Police Department Headquarters. The injured man was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

“The Sarasota Police Department Crisis Negotiation Unit was crucial in speaking with Hinkle and convincing her to surrender peacefully,” authorities said.

Hinkle was taken to the Sarasota County Jail where she is currently being held without bond. She faced two charges of Attempted Murder.