North Port, Fla. (WFLA) — A memorial now lies on North Sumter Boulevard to honor the lives of Sophia and Nicole Rathgeber, the two teenage sisters who died in a car crash.

“It’s too tragic to lose a child,” said their mother, Eva Rathgeber.

“I’m in misery,” she added. “I don’t want anyone to ever feel this way.”

She visited the memorial for the first time Friday after losing her two daughters in a crash just days before.

“Love your kids,” Eva Rathgeber said. “Hold onto them.”

“Be thankful they’re still home every day,” she continued.

Now, she wants to warn people to be safe when behind the wheel.

“Just wear your seat belts and drive the speed limit,” she said.

“Don’t be reckless,” she said. “It comes with a price. My kids paid that price, and they’re gone.”

The crash is still under investigation by North Port Police Department.

The family is arranging funeral services and wants everyone in North Port to be able to attend.

“I love you Sophia and Nicole, and I miss you,” she cried.