SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – With Election Day just eight days away, the campaign trail is buzzing.

Democratic candidate for governor Rep. Charlie Crist cast his ballot at an early voting site in St. Petersburg Monday morning before heading to Sarasota’s Newtown community for a Get Out the Vote rally.

It was a busy weekend for both gubernatorial candidates in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis made multiple appearances around the state and even visited New York for a campaign event for the governor’s race there.

He held a rally at Ave Maria University in southwest Florida Sunday, where he urged voters to “work hard” and “get the vote out” ahead of Election Day. However, after a weekend full of stops in and out of the state, there were no scheduled public campaign stops for DeSantis on Monday.

During his remarks at Ave Maria University on Sunday, the governor touted his policies throughout the pandemic, which he said allowed Florida to be successful.

“We had to make decisions and I think we led. We didn’t wait for the crowd, we got ahead of the crowd. Not only is Florida better off for it, but the United States is better off for it because we paved the way for other states to follow and if we had not done what we did, the lock downers would have won,” said Gov. DeSantis.

During his remarks on Monday, Democratic opponent Rep. Charlie Crist called out the governor’s visit to New York over the weekend.

“He’s distracted. He’s not paying attention to Florida. He is paying attention to his own future, that is why he went to New York this weekend. He is trying to campaign for president and we deserve a governor who cares about our state and cares about our people and will help them first,” said Rep. Crist.

Gov. DeSantis explained the reasoning behind his trip to New York Sunday.

“Sometimes you just go and help friends of yours. One of my buddies in Nevada out there is running for Senate, US Senate, I helped him, I help other people, but this one I could say, you know, I have in Florida all of these other races around the country affect us,” said DeSantis. “If you think about like Georgia this governor‘s race, like our governor is running against a candidate called Stacey Abrams. If Stacey Abrams were to win governor of Georgia, it would absolutely spark refugees into Florida from Georgia. People would not want to deal with it, they would come in droves, they would move to Florida and they would be done with it. Just think about what I would have to deal with. Raúl Castro to my south and Abrams to my north? I don’t think so, that is not good.”

Both candidates are pushing to get voters to the polls in the final stretch before Election Day.

Happening Tuesday, Rep. Crist will attend a rally in Miami Gardens alongside President Joe Biden and Senate candidate Val Demings.