SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Gov. Ron DeSantis was in southern Sarasota County on Thursday. He says power, water and other services are being returned to normal at a record pace.

“We have been able to restore all but 1.86 percent of state of Florida has power,” said DeSantis.

In Northport, Art Baltes spent his day cleaning up storm debris in his yard.

There are still downed trees and power lines near his home and there is flooding in several streets. Baltes says his family is doing well, but they don’t have some key services.

“We have really bad cell service and there is no internet on the phones,” said Baltes.
Not far away, Lourds Harrop says she’s also doing without some of the basics.

“We don’t have power, you know, they are still working on it. We saw three FPL trucks and they went to the other side and tried to work on it, so we don’t have no water yet and besides the flood, we did okay,” said Harrop.

The governor says power company crews are working as quickly as they can to restore power to some of the most damaged areas.

DeSantis also says significant progress has been made to help the people and businesses that had been cut off on Pine Island. The bridge has already been restored.

“We said we could do it. We did an emergency contract and we did it in three days,” DeSantis said.